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  • 1492 Land Back Lane belongs to Haudenosaunee people

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner made the following statement in regards to 1492 Land Back Lane:

“It’s encouraging to hear news that Foxgate Developments has decided to cancel its planned subdivision on 1492 Land Back Lane.

I stand in solidarity with Indigenous Land Defenders of 1492 Land Back Lane and have repeatedly condemned the treatment of Haudenosaunee Land Defenders and their supporters.

Haudenosaunee people continue to face settler encroachment on lands promised to them in the Haldimand Treaty of 1784.

It is an injustice that of the original 950,000 acres owed to the Haudenosaunee in the Haldimand Treaty, less than five percent or 46,000 acres remain. And settler encroachment makes it challenging, if not impossible, to grow the community.

I support the call for the 1492 Land Back Lane site to remain under Haudenosaunee control and urge the Federal and Provincial Governments to take responsibility for upholding land & Treaty rights in a manner that respects Indigenous Peoples’ sovereignty.”

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