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Commonly asked questions

  1. How do I obtain a new or replacement birth certificate issued in Ontario?
    You can easily apply for your birth certificate via this Service Ontario online form: https://www.orgforms.gov.on.ca/eForms/start.do?lang=en If you are not skilled in computers, staff at the constituency office would be pleased to assist you in the process. If you have already applied with Service Ontario and have a particular issue, our staff will inquire with Service Ontario on behalf of you.
  2. How do I request a MPP scroll for birthdays, anniversaries, and special celebrations?
    If you are a constituent or business within the riding of Guelph, and would like a personalized certificate from MPP Mike Schreiner, our office are more than happy to make the arrangements.
  3. What are Ontario’s ministries?
    Currently, there are 22 ministries in Ontario. The issue/concern that you bring to our attention will likely fall under one of the ministries’ jurisdictions. In addition to contacting the ministries directly, our office can act as an advocate/liaison for you in order to resolve your case. Please review the full list of current ministries here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/ministries


  1. What riding am I in?
    Mike is committed to representing the constituents of Guelph. To check which riding you are in, you can use this form https://voterinformationservice.elections.on.ca/en/election/search?mode=postalCode You can find the full list of MPPs at https://www.ola.org/en/members/parliament-42
  2. How do I contact the Green Party?
    All staff members at MPP offices are non-partisan and do not provide political opinions on behalf of the Green Party. To inquire with the Green Party of Ontario, please refer to this link: https://gpo.ca/contact/
  3. How do I contact my federal MP?
    For all federal inquiries, your local MP is Lloyd Longfield. His contact is: 519.837.8276 LLOYD.LONGFIELD@PARL.GC.CA
    103-111 Farquhar Street
    Guelph, ON N1H 3N4
  4. Who are my city councillors?
    Your mayor and councillors overlook all municipal matters. For the most up-to-date list of mayor and council members, please refer to this link: https://guelph.ca/city-hall/mayor-and-council/
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