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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

WHEREAS the Paris Galt Moraine performs critical ecological and hydrological functions that are vital for the well-being of our environment and communities,

WHEREAS the moraine provides habitat for wildlife, maintains wetlands, streams and rivers, and filters and stores drinking water,

WHEREAS the City of Guelph is the largest city in Canada to rely almost exclusively on groundwater for their drinking water and the moraine is an essential water recharge area in the Grand River Watershed,

WHEREAS the moraines in the area provide drinking water for close to 200,000 people and the surrounding population is expected to grow by 1 million people by 2041,

WHEREAS protecting the moraine is the fiscally responsible option to ensure the availability of clean drinking water and finding other means of providing water would be extremely expensive,

We the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to protect the ecological and hydrological integrity of the Paris Galt Moraine.

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