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  • Arresting our way out of deep social problems isn’t going to work

QUEEN’S PARK — Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Premier’s announcement on increased funding for police and CCTV cameras: 

“Today the Ontario Human Rights Commission reported that Black people are more likely to be arrested, charged, shot and killed by Toronto police. 

By choosing today to announce more funding for CCTV cameras and surveillance, the Premier has the wrong end of the problem firmly in hand.

We need to address the high number of racialized people in the criminal justice system and jails and the ongoing issues of police violence in these communities.

Better funding of social service networks, Housing First strategies, mental health and addiction supports, education initiatives and fair and equitable hiring practices will go much further than CCTV cameras ever can.

By turning to the police and CCTV cameras, the Premier is asking the wrong people to solve our deeply rooted problems.”

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