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  • As the pandemic worsens, it’s high time for the Premier to release a plan

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic:

“As Ontario blazes past 5,000 COVID-related deaths, Ontarians remain confused about the Government’s plan.

Last week Premier Ford talked about data that was scary, but we can’t see it until tomorrow. Last week a curfew was on the table, now apparently it’s off. 

Decisions are constantly being made at the last minute and it’s hurting Ontarians.

It’s time for the Premier to stop the game show antics and come clean. 

What is his plan?

He needs to show us the data. He needs to be honest about the options. 

And he needs to provide us with a concrete goal that people can get behind for what lockdowns will achieve and metrics for additional restrictions and the lifting of restrictions. 

Ontario is in a crisis. Taking the difficult steps to dramatically reduce transmission rates and hospitalizations now will not be easy, but it will be far better for protecting lives and livelihoods than half measures that move us in and out of partial lockdowns. 

Whatever measures the Premier finally announces, Ontarians will need direct support such as paid sick leave, expanded testing and workplace inspections, rent relief, small business support, and additional staff in LTC to navigate the next few months until we reach mass vaccinations. 

Ontarians need strong leadership that instills confidence during this public health crisis. The Premier’s dithering hurts us all.”

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