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  • Auditor General gives the Premier the thumbs down on COVID-19 response and land-use planning

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to this morning’s Auditor General report:

“The Auditor General report proves that the government did not adequately plan or transparently communicate on COVID-19 measures, something the I have repeatedly called the government out on.

The wrong stakeholders were consulted, the rationale for various measures was not explained or communicated to the public, and small businesses were left out to dry.

Small business owners were not given sufficient time to prepare for lockdowns and reopenings, and the Small Business Support Grant fell well short.

And it’s not just on COVID-19 that there’s a lack of transparency and accountability.

Today’s report confirms that the Premier is running roughshod around land-use planning rules:

  • The Auditor General highlighted that the reckless Highway 413 is “inconsistent and disconnected from land-use planning policies”.
  • “Broad and frequent use” of Ministerial Zoning Orders (MZOs) is undermining the land-use planning process, disrupting and creating significant challenges to municipalities.
  • And Conservation Authorities have lost their independent power to protect nature and water.

We need a real plan for housing that makes better use of existing built-up spaces, reduces climate pollution, and protects nature and water. But the Premier is ignoring proper land-use planning to push through his pro-sprawl, anti-climate agenda.”

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