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  • Back-door privatization is not the answer to our healthcare crisis

QUEEN’S PARK – Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to comments by the Premier about private delivery of healthcare in Ontario.

“Let’s be honest: When the Premier keeps repeating that “the status quo is not an option” for healthcare in Ontario, he’s not promising major changes to improve our public healthcare system – he’s opening the door to privatization and further deterioration of the quality of care people receive.

He confirmed this today when he called for an increased role for private hospitals and clinics in delivering routine surgeries and other health services.

This is the PC strategy – starve the public system of funding, demoralize nursing and personal support staff with the wage-suppressing Bill 124, watch wait times increase to record levels and sooner or later private delivery will look like a better option.

I call on the Premier and the Health Minister to stop trying to sell privatization and get to work fixing the province’s crumbling healthcare system.

As a first step, drop the appeal against the Bill 124 decision and immediately implement a nurse retention strategy that includes permanent raises and better working conditions for all healthcare workers, not just temporary bonuses.

We need to care for the people who care for us and we need a healthcare system that puts people, not private businesses, first.

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