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  • Bill 108 transfers money and power away from municipalities

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after more than 80 municipal leaders, environment and housing groups asked for more time to consider Bill 108:

“I support the municipal leaders, housing and environmental groups asking the government to put the brakes on Bill 108.

Bill 108 is a massive overhaul of municipal planning, changing the way our communities are built and transferring power and wealth from elected leaders to private developers.

Developers should be partners in finding housing solutions that work for everyone, but instead the Premier is handing them the keys to the province.

By letting developers off the hook from making fair contributions to community growth, it will be people, taxpayers and wildlife who pay the ultimate costs.

The health of our communities will suffer if cash-strapped municipalities can no longer ensure that parks, daycares and rec centres are provided in new developments.

And I worry about sprawling subdivisions that chew through wildlife habitat, increase pollution, and drive up property taxes, all while failing to bring down the cost of housing.

We need comprehensive housing solutions that put the need for quality, affordability and liveable communities ahead of private interests.”

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