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  • Financial help would alleviate mental health toll of COVID-19

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Ford government re-announced $12 million for expanded mental health services:

“Caring for people’s mental health is essential, especially during this extraordinary crisis.

Since I’ve been calling for more investments in mental health support, I welcome this announcement.

But I strongly urge the government to take more preventative action by relieving the financial hardship at the root of many people’s declining mental health.

Paying rent while covering all the other bills is a major source of anxiety for people, while small business owners are worried sick about being evicted.

The Premier must answer our call to deliver a rent relief program for individuals and families who can’t pay the rent due to lost income, along with a ban on commercial evictions.

For those on social assistance, the Premier must fully exempt the clawback of CERB, while topping up social assistance rates for those who do not qualify.

Direct financial assistance must be part of the mental health solution.

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