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QUEEN’S PARK — When asked by the leader of the Green Party of Ontario about their back-door plan to gut the Greenbelt Act and Clean Water Act today in Question Period, the Ford government issued a flat-out denial of the facts.

“Has the government read its own bill? I am shocked they can pretend they are not weakening source water protections when Bill 66 overrides the Clean Water Act and allows more contaminants to be put into the environment,” said Mike Schreiner.

Schedule 10 of Bill 66 allows municipalities to bypass provisions in the Greenbelt Act, Clean Water Act, Oak Ridges Moraine Act and Great Lakes Act. But the government refuses to admit they are threatening public health and safety by dismantling environmental oversight, hiding behind the excuse of reducing red tape.

“Premier Ford sees the Greenbelt and drinking water protections as nothing more than impediments to his deep-pocketed supporters. But the Clean Water Act is in place to save lives and prevent people from getting ill. That’s not red tape,” said Schreiner.

Nobody in the last election voted for the dismantling of clean water protections. Nobody voted for giving municipalities the power to pave over the Greenbelt.

“The Premier said he would protect the Greenbelt, and he will break that promise if Bill 66 is not defeated or amended,” said Schreiner.

“The Premier is underestimating how important water protection and the Greenbelt are to people. Ontarians are already mobilizing to save the Greenbelt by signing petitions and speaking out to defend the places we love.”

Watch the video from Question Period

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