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  • Government’s silence leaves victims of sexual violence in the lurch

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement about government silence on funding for rape and women-in-crisis centres:

“The Ontario government is hiding behind a ‘funding review’ rather than giving straight answers to survivors of sexual violence. This is leaving rape crisis centres to struggle against an explosion of service demand.

Instead of being upfront with their funding plans, the Attorney General refuses to say whether relief is coming. Why won’t this government just be straightforward about its cuts instead of leaving women who experience sexual violence to draw this conclusion on their own?

Media is reporting that many centres are operating at 1990s staffing levels and some are even fundraising to meet the needs of survivors. This is unacceptable.

Women are no longer suffering in silence. They are coming forward with their stories and they are asking for help. But the government is closing the door on them and pretending as if the #MeToo movement didn’t happen.

I am asking the Attorney General to be honest with survivors and women-in-crisis centres. Stop hiding behind this ‘funding review’ and just tell them whether any help is coming.”

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