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QUEEN’S PARK — Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner issued the following statement about the late to the table changes to education by the Ford government:

“This ‘we know best’ government isn’t listening to parents and educators.

The government’s funding announcement is misleading. 

Gutting local school board reserves is not a solution.

Why has this Minister and this government taken so long to make this announcement? Everyone has been telling them for months that they are on the wrong track. Now with just weeks to go Boards are expected to upgrade their ventilation systems, and find adequate spaces that are safe for our children to learn.

Being tone deaf comes with a price. Now boards have to scurry to even come close to doing the right thing.

By refusing to mandate smaller class sizes, or to provide the funding needed to reduce class sizes, the government is passing the buck to local school boards to be responsible for their last minute and flawed plan.

With the Premier’s bungled plan coming on stream within weeks of school starting, the Premier should consider delaying the opening of the school year so that we have a chance of getting this right.”

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