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  • Inclusion of climate education in new science curriculum a win

“This is a win,” said  Mike Schreiner. “Many teachers and schools have gone above and beyond to teach about the climate crisis, even though it wasn’t required, and we thank them for that.

“Youth are on the frontlines of the climate emergency, and climate education needs to be a fundamental part of the learning experience in Ontario.”

Education Critic, Matt Richter said that in addition to curriculum updates, students need more access to learning and mental health supports.

“After two years of learning disruption and unpredictability, everything is not ok. Class sizes need to be lowered so students can get the support they need. And student mental health needs to be a priority.”

Mike Schreiner will reduce youth mental health wait times to 30 days or less and ensure students can seamlessly connect to community mental health professionals that are located at or near schools.

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