QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day:

“On National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, my thoughts are with all survivors and families that have been impacted by the horrors of human trafficking.

It is a real tragedy that 68% of reported human trafficking cases in Canada are from Ontario.

We need to address the root causes of human trafficking if we want to truly eliminate it from our province.

Human traffickers prey on Ontarians in the most vulnerable conditions, with women and girls from racialized communities disproportionately affected.  

The Ontario government needs to continue to work with all levels of government, community organizations and law enforcement to ensure we can protect people, support survivors and bring down the hammer on traffickers.

We need to build a caring community where everyone has a chance to succeed and be safe.

And that begins by building safe communities by working with our municipal partners and passing legislation that addresses the gaps in our public safety net — like basic income, affordable housing, and good jobs.”

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