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  • Let’s invest in EVs to help Ontarians save money at the pump

“Today’s all-time high gas prices are another example of why Ontario needs to invest in electric vehicles (EVs).

We need to get big oil out of our wallets to address the affordability challenges people are facing and will continue to confront.

Ontarians are getting gouged at the pump right now. In the GTA and Ottawa, prices are at over $1.51 per litre. And experts predict the price of gas will keep going up.

That means most Ontarians are paying over $90 to fill up their tank.

Yet it costs around $10 to fully charge most EVs.

By investing in EVs, we can save people money, have cleaner air and crush climate pollution. It’s a win for people’s wallets, their health, our economy and the future of the planet.

It’s time to invest in a cleaner, more affordable green future — instead of an expensive fossil fuel future.”

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