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  • Merging ambulance services puts public safety at risk

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement on news that 59 local ambulance services are being merged into 10:

“The amalgamation of ambulance services is a threat to public safety and a reckless way to find savings.

Local knowledge helps dispatchers send first responders quickly and more accurately to locations.

Directing ambulances through regional hubs is likely to increase response times, leaving people waiting for life-saving services and putting their lives at risk.

Has the government consulted any local service providers or municipalities about this consolidation?

First responders in my riding have told me that local knowledge is essential for a quick response time. We’ve all heard horror stories of ambulances being sent to the wrong place, while someone dies alone.

The risk will only go up if we have non-local dispatchers trying to interpret frantic emergency calls with landmarks they’ve never heard of.

The government should consult before forcing through this dangerous merger.”

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