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  • Mike Schreiner calls for transit fares to be cut in half as fuel prices soar

Mike Schreiner is calling on the Premier’s government to cut public transit fares in half as the price of gas continues to increase.

“The affordability crunch is hurting Ontarians. People need affordable options to get around and need relief right now,” Mike Schreiner said.

Gas prices are currently soaring over $1.7/litre in some parts of the province. And experts predict prices are only going to keep rising.

“Cutting fares in half is an immediate measure with immediate benefits that can help address the worsening fuel and cost of living crisis as well as the climate emergency,” Schreiner said.

Mike Schreiner is proposing for fares across all Ontario transit systems, including municipal, GO and Northland services to be cut in half for three months.

The Premier’s government plans to spend billions on expensive, climate-polluting highways. Reallocating just a small portion of that money to municipalities and transit systems will cover this immediate relief program.

“We need to get Big Oil out of our wallets,” Schreiner said. 

“Cutting transit fares in half is an immediate measure that will complement our longer-term plans of making transit, electric vehicles and electric bikes more affordable and accessible and building more connected, affordable and sustainable communities that don’t rely on expensive commutes and sprawl.”

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