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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding the end of sitting at Queen’s Park:

“Today marks the end of what was a challenging and frustrating spring sitting at Queen’s Park.

I opened the session with a call for cross-party support on a comprehensive safe workplaces plan to protect high-risk workers from COVID-19. But unfortunately the Premier preferred to play politics over addressing COVID with science-based solutions.

And despite the humanitarian crisis in LTC homes, there is still no commitment from the government to implement recommendations from the LTC COVID-19 Commission.

Under the cover of COVID, the Premier forced through environmentally destructive legislation, in an attempt to tear up farmland and pave over wetlands.

But with the help of community groups, we fought back. We saved Duffins Creek from reckless development, and we built huge momentum against Highway 413.

The past few months have been all about community. Communities stepping up to save treasured greenspaces. Communities stepping up to clean up Ford’s vaccine rollout mess. Communities pushing for safe workplaces and safe schools.

And that’s what gives me so much hope for the coming months.

As more and more people get vaccinated, and hospitalization and ICU rates come down, we can start looking forward to what a recovery can look like.

Now is the time for a green and caring recovery. A recovery rooted in protecting people and the planet. A recovery rooted in community.

By listening to the science, investing in people and small businesses and protecting our greenspaces, we can get kids back in schools, revitalize our mainstreets, and get back to seeing the people we love in the places we love.

I’m looking forward to safely connecting with people over the summer, and returning to Queen’s Park in September to help put Ontario back on track.”

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