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  • Mike Schreiner relieved the Premier backtracked on traditional Chinese medicine deregulation

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to news that the Premier’s government is backtracking on its plan to deregulate traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and is removing Schedule 5 from Bill 88:

“I’m relieved that the Premier finally listened to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and is scrapping his plans for Chinese medicine deregulation after intense opposition.

This reckless policy should never have been proposed in the first place. Deregulation of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture would devalue its rich history and undermine its legitimacy as valid and effective medical treatment.

It shouldn’t take fierce backlash like this to make the government change its mind on a bad idea.

This is why proper consultation is always needed before legislation is introduced — a practice that the Premier tends to shun.
I will continue to hold the government accountable on damaging legislation like this at Queen’s Park.”

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