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  • Mike Schreiner renews calls to end offshore wind moratorium

QUEEN’S PARK — MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to a renewed call from Trillium Power Wind Corporation for the government to support Ontario’s offshore wind industry.

“As demand for EVs and heat pumps continues to grow, Ontario has the opportunity to become a leader in the trillion-dollar clean energy economy.

But in order to meet the moment, we need to double our electricity generation capacity by 2050.

Offshore wind generation in the Great Lakes could provide enough clean energy to meet all of our province’s growing demand – at less than 60 per cent of the cost per kilowatt hour of new nuclear plants.

It’s an economic and environmental no-brainer – but despite this, the government maintains the offshore wind ban that was put in place by the Liberal government in 2011.

Low-cost renewables are the cleanest, cheapest source of energy available. The government should do everything in its power to take advantage of these critical opportunities to power Ontario’s future.

But instead, they’re funnelling public dollars into dirty fossil gas plants that will increase costs and pollution.

It’s time for this government to get serious about our clean energy future. That means ending the moratorium on offshore wind and ramping up investments in the renewable energy sources already at our fingertips.”

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