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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement regarding funding a 70% funding cut to the Anishinabek/Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre:

“The war on science continues under this government, this time weakening the ability of First Nations to sustainably manage Ontario’s natural resources.

The Anishinabek/Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre is an innovative approach to resource management that empowers First Nations, creates jobs and advances reconciliation.

The organization monitors everything from moose populations to the health of lakes and rivers.

Supporting it is a win-win opportunity.

But none of that seems to matter to a Premier obsessed with the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Shutting the door to science does nothing but set us up for a crisis, whether it’s invasive species or plummeting wildlife numbers.

And at a time when our natural world is changing dramatically due to climate change, the government is actively being ignorant to environmental health.

Knowledge is power to develop good policy, but for this government facts just get in the way of stickers and slogans.”

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