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  • On Earth Day, MPPs Schreiner and Clancy renew demand for climate action

QUEEN’S PARK — MPP Schreiner and MPP Clancy released the following statement to mark Earth Day.

“Ontario needs honest, ambitious climate action now.

Fortunately, we have no shortage of affordable solutions that can crush climate pollution while putting money back in people’s pockets through savings on household energy, transportation and transit.

But the government is asleep at the wheel. They’re still pouring money into fossil gas plants, paving over farmland and standing by while millions of acres of forest are lost to record-breaking wildfires.

We can’t let this be our status quo.

The climate crisis has given us an opportunity to embrace a future where we take care of each other and the planet.

But we must act on these solutions now, not five years from now, and certainly not decades into the future.

So this Earth Day, let’s make choices that build a stronger, safer, more affordable tomorrow.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

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