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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the lack of ODSP support in the 2021-22 budget:

“Instead of using the budget to address the immense challenges that Ontarians with disabilities are facing, there were no increases in support for people on ODSP.

This is a shame.

Since Premier Ford took office, delays at the Social Benefits Tribunal have tripled.

And in the third quarter of 2020-2021, the government spent $427 million less than anticipated on social assistance.

People with disabilities have been begging for help during COVID, struggling to survive on a maximum of $1,169 a month.

But this government is ignoring their dire situation.

The pandemic has been hard for everyone, but especially for those with disabilities.

Premier, it really doesn’t seem like we’re all in this together.

I will continue to advocate for ODSP support and push for a basic income guarantee, which cuts the red tape for persons with disabilities and ends the unnecessary paperwork that disrespects people’s dignity. We need to support the people who need it most.”

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