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  • Ontario needs a long COVID plan – but the Premier is missing in action

GUELPH — MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the release of internal Ministry of Health documents warning that Ontario does not have a comprehensive strategy to treat long COVID.

“When it comes to taking the necessary steps to combat COVID, the Premier has always been a day late and a dollar short.

And now we have yet another example right in front of us – proof that the Ministry of Health has known for almost a year that long COVID poses a significant threat to our healthcare system, but this government has still failed to come up with a solution.

It’s crystal clear that the Premier has failed to learn the essential lessons of the last several years. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be leaving care providers to cobble together their own solutions without support.

For years, this government has left our healthcare workers high and dry – locking them into low wages, failing to provide mental health supports, and overworking them to the point of exhaustion and burnout.

And now, when faced with an opportunity to step up and provide proper funding for a long COVID strategy, this government is once again missing in action.

The people of Ontario deserve so much better. They deserve a healthcare system that works for patients and workers alike.

I am calling on the government to stop short-changing our healthcare system and develop a coordinated response to help care providers respond to the needs of patients with long COVID.”

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