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  • Ontario needs an all-hands-on-deck housing plan

LONDON — MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the announcement of the government’s Building Faster Fund and expansion of strong mayor powers.

“The premier is missing in action when it comes to real solutions to the housing crisis. Tough talk and band aids won’t build more homes.

Ontario desperately needs an all-hands-on-deck plan to get speculation out of the housing market and get back to building homes for people and the public good.

Solutions like the ones I have put forward:

  • Expanding as-of-right zoning to allow fourplexes and four storey walk-up buildings in neighbourhoods;
  • Cutting red tape on major transportation corridors and mainstreets by allowing for six-to-11-storey midrise buildings to ramp up supply without the false choice of tall or sprawl;
  • Getting back to investing in building non-profit and co-op housing so that everyone has an affordable place to call home; and
  • Ramping up investments in permanent supportive housing with wrap-around mental health and other supports.

The government’s own hand-picked housing affordability task force made it clear that we can increase supply of homes in existing built-up areas – without paving over the Greenbelt.

It’s time for the government to stop with the band aids and just get the job done.”

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