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  • Premier continues relentless attack on nature

Toronto – Mike Schreiner released the following statement on the passing of the omnibus budget bill:

“We need a budget that cares for people and planet, not one that bulldozes over environmental protections for people and property

The Premier’s attack on conservation authorities, snuck in an omnibus budget bill, rips up decades of conservation policies supported by previous Progressive Conservative governments.

It is disappointing to see this government time and time again, make short-sighted and expensive decisions that we will pay for down the line.

And who are they listening to on these decisions? The government can’t answer.

We know who they are not listening to – people and groups across the province who have spoken out and asked the Premier to take Schedule 6 out of this bill:

  • Association of Municipalities of Ontario,
  • Big City Mayors,
  • Members of the Greenbelt Council,
  • 64 community organizations & non-profits,
  • Ontario’s farmers, and
  • Tens of thousands of citizens across the province.

It’s unfortunate they are ignoring Ontarians, especially because we know that the costs of flooding will triple over the next decade.

It is far cheaper to protect existing wetlands than to pave over them and pay for the consequences – like increased flooding, loss of infrastructure and damage to people’s homes and businesses.

I will continue to fight against the Government’s reckless attacks on nature and the people and places we love in Ontario.”

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