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  • Premier forgets physical distancing in reckless school plan, says Schreiner

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement:

“The Premier’s math is once again way off if he thinks that $309 million will be enough to adapt our education system to a global pandemic.

Today he showed that he is unwilling to make an investment in a safe place for young children to learn in September.

The Premier followed advice to restart full-time learning for elementary students, but he totally ignored advice to reduce class sizes to keep kids safe.

It was the government’s job to hire more teachers and acquire more space to enable small group learning of 15 students or less.

But the Premier has forgotten about the principles of physical distancing in his reckless plan that retains large class sizes for elementary students.

It’s unfair to ask parents to choose between work or their children’s safety by sending them to a jam-packed Kindergarten class of up to 32 students, allowed under Ontario’s regulations.

I’m also disappointed that there is not a single mention of outdoor education, which should be a pillar of the back-to-school plan.

The Premier has given educators no resources to implement outdoor learning and maximize parks, school yards and natural areas as safe classrooms.”

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