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  • Premier gets a failing grade on biodiversity protections

“Strong, healthy ecosystems are the foundation of our communities, our environment, and our economy.

But when it comes to protecting them, the Premier gets a failing grade.

Since taking office, they have gutted conservation authorities and made devastating funding cuts to programs that limit the spread of invasive species.

They’ve pulled the plug on protecting species at risk and introduced pay-to-slay legislation that lets deep-pocketed corporations ignore the Endangered Species Act.

In Ontario, we are losing our protected areas at an alarming rate:

  • The amount of land lost to deforestation each year is almost four times greater on average than the amount established as new forests;
  • Only 10.8 percent of our land and water is conserved within a protected area – a far cry from the 30 percent target set in the new biodiversity strategy;
  • And this government has thrown out its own targets on restricting wetland loss while simultaneously ramping up attacks on conservation authorities and on our Greenbelt.

Protecting Ontario’s biodiversity will build strong natural environments that enhance our food security, preserve our drinking water, and make us resilient to climate-fueled extreme weather events.

I will continue to hold the government accountable to protect these systems that are so vital to our province’s wellbeing.”

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