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  • Premier has not earned the right to secrecy on COVID-19 decisions

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Premier refused to disclose the names of his medical advisors on COVID-19

“It’s not fair for the Premier to claim he is making expert-based decisions when he refuses to disclose who those experts are.

The Premier has said Ontarians deserve to know what he knows, but how can this be possible if he doesn’t even want people to know who is advising him?

We need assurances that the command table is made up of qualified experts, not PC insiders or bureaucrats whose priorities lay outside of public health.

Ontario has some of the brightest minds on infectious disease, and yet our response has been one of the most uneven and chaotic in the country.

As we prepare for a second wave of the virus, Ontarians deserve to know which medical experts are helping the Premier to call the shots.”

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