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  • Premier ignorant to health impacts of climate change

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the Premier’s carbon pricing press conference at Halton Healthcare – Milton District Hospital:

“I’m outraged the Premier continues to parade around the province wasting taxpayer dollars on his climate denial tour. These fake announcements just serve to remind the public that Ford is committed to sabotaging proven climate solutions.

Today the Premier had the audacity to bring his scare campaign to a hospital, fear mongering about increased energy costs. He must have forgotten that last year he robbed hospitals of a $64-million energy efficiency program that was helping them to save millions on electricity costs.

If he wants to help public institutions save money, he wouldn’t be tearing up energy conservation programs. He would be investing in building upgrades and retrofits.

The medical community is one of the most vocal groups calling for urgent climate action, with Canada’s major health organizations penning an open letter last month asking political leaders not to make climate change a wedge issue.

Yet Ford is doing the exact opposite, drumming up fears about carbon pricing while completely ignoring the costs of climate inaction.

Medical professionals know our health system is coming under increasing strain from disease outbreaks, air pollution, food insecurity and extreme weather worsened by climate change.

Yet, rather than using our public dollars to address the problem and reduce pollution, the Premier is emptying the vault to sabotage climate solutions.”

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