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  • Premier must back up words with money for elder care

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement:

“The he said, she said spat between the Premier and the media isn’t doing anything for our elders. It’s only steering the conversation away from the big changes that must happen.

The Premier has pointed a lot of fingers, but he’s yet to talk about the financial commitment it will take to give our elders the dignity and care they deserve.

We cannot improve conditions in long-term care without funding more nurses and personal support workers to better care for elders.

This week the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives pegged the cost at a 1.2% increase in total government spending to bring hands-on care to 4.1 hours per resident per day.

The Premier must have an honest conversation with the public about this price tag.

Belt tightening after COVID-19 cannot get in the way of elder care.”

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