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  • Premier must immediately freeze commercial evictions

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Premier refused to order a ban on commercial evictions: 

“Small businesses don’t need a cheerleader; they need the Premier to act now to ban commercial rent evictions. 

When the Premier was asked why the Province was refusing to put even a temporary ban on commercial evictions, he responded by asking landlords to instead “give tenants a break” and to “hang in there”.

This is not good enough for the local businesses being locked out of the space they’ve poured their dreams into. 

I’ve heard from small businesses whose landlords are refusing to participate in CECRA.

And I’ve heard from small businesses that are being evicted today. 

Today’s FAO report shows that Covid-19 has affected small businesses harder than any other sector. 

If the Premier truly wants our province to re-open for business, he must order an immediate ban on commercial evictions.”

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