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  • Premier must outline benchmarks for return to Stage 2

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after Ontario exceeded 700 new cases of COVID-19:

“The Premier must respond to a record-breaking number of COVID-19 cases by releasing a clear plan to keep Ontarians safe.

We need aggressive action now before the second wave gets out of control.

The Premier should have released the fall plan a month ago.

In today’s press conference, I urge the Premier to be clear with people and businesses on the metrics that will trigger school closures and a return to Stage 2.

The Premier must clarify the messaging around testing because people are confused on who should get a test.

And the Premier should issue an immediate promise to re-institute pandemic pay and deploy more resources to hospitals and long-term care.

Case numbers have risen because of the Premier’s delayed action and his unsafe back-to-school plan. Front-line health workers warn that another long-term care tragedy is on the horizon because LTC homes remain under-staffed.

People need reassurance that the Premier is not asleep at the wheel right now, when his actions will determine the severity of the second wave.

The Premier has nothing to show for his promise to fix long-term care and he must batten down the hatches by hiring more RNs and PSWs and re-instituting pandemic pay.”

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