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  • Premier needs to stop punting responsibility to the Feds over paid sick days

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on paid sick days:

“The Premier wants us to believe that he can’t do anything about paid sick days and it’s best left for the federal government. This is a shame. 

In 2018 it was the current government that revoked paid sick days in Ontario, forcing low-wage and essential workers to choose between health and income. 

I’ve been calling on the Premier to not only restore paid sick days, but to legislate ten days so when workers are sick they can focus on their health and not worry.

The federal CRSB program falls short of protecting workers. It doesn’t pay adequately, it involves a delayed application process and wait times. Workers living paycheque-to-paycheque cannot afford to depend on the CRSB alone. They deserve stability and adequate protection that employers can provide through paid sick days. 

I also understand that providing this crucial benefit can be difficult for small businesses, so I’m calling on the Premier to provide the support necessary to small businesses to help them implement paid sick days. 

This is not rocket science. This is about health and safety and during our biggest public health crisis, the Premier has a responsibility to act.”

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