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TORONTO — Mike Schreiner made the following statement on today’s Science Table COVID-19 projections:

“Premier Ford continues to contradict the Science Table’s advice.

The data is clear: with variants making up 5-10% of cases in the province, the Table has stated that aggressive vaccination and sticking with stay-at-home orders will help avoid a third wave and a third lockdown.

The government has repeatedly stated they are operating on public health advice.

But clearly the Premier is not taking the advice of the Science Table with his reopening plan.

Ontario has been stuck in a costly and dangerous cycle of lockdown and reopening.

Today’s modelling shows that this cycle is set to continue. This will cause more pain for workers and small businesses.

I repeat my call to the Premier to take measures that will help keep people safe: increase direct funding for small businesses, implement provincially paid sick days, and deploy rapid tests to make our schools and workplaces safe.”

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