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  • Premier refuses to come clean about suspicious COVID plan

GUELPH, ON — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Premier’s press conference:

“The Premier spent most of the press conference shaming other people for their bad COVID behaviour while denying his own.

The Premier is refusing to admit that he misrepresented his COVID plan and ignored the recommendations of experts.

He needed to come clean today about fabricating an endorsement for his weak COVID-19 benchmarks that have been widely panned by independent health experts. 

I was really disappointed that the Premier would so casually dismiss the recommendations of Public Health Ontario’s chief health protection officer as ‘one doctor’s views.’

If this is the level of respect the Premier has for medical experts leading the fight against COVID-19, then we are in serious trouble.

At this point we need to question whether public health is the Premier’s top priority, because his actions say otherwise. He needs to restore trust with the people of Ontario.”

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