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  • Product directory doesn’t stop small business evictions

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Ford government announced an Ontario-made product directory:

“If the Premier really wanted to support Ontario businesses he would extend the commercial eviction moratorium, which expires tomorrow.

Websites and logos might help, but they are not a substitute for eviction protection.

The Premier’s support for Ontario-made products rings hollow if he’s willing to let thousands of small businesses go under this weekend.

The Premier should stop shaking his finger at delivery apps and insurance companies and actually bring in laws that will reign them in.

He announced a $300 million aid package, but small businesses are saying that this financial help is nowhere to be seen.

The Premier needs to show that Buy Local is more than a catchphrase.

The biggest thing small businesses need right now is help to keep the doors open.”

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