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  • Province must help hospitals ramp up surgery capacity,

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the province released a framework for re-starting surgeries cancelled due to COVID-19:

“I thank the Minister for responding to my letter and releasing a framework for resuming scheduled surgeries.

I support a measured approach that does not overwhelm hospitals, but at the same time the province must work with hospitals to ramp up their capacity.

Wait-and-see will simply not cut it for the people who are in pain.

Instead of putting the onus on hospitals to get ready, the province should be acting proactively to get them the PPE, medication, and acute care resources they need.

Cancer and heart disease will not wait for COVID-19 to subside before claiming lives.

I’m asking the Health Minister to listen to hospitals, who will need additional resources to safely resume these essential surgeries.”

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