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  • Record-breaking heat shows desperate need for climate action

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on the devastating heat waves occurring across Canada:

“The record-breaking heat happening across the country is yet another sign of the urgent need for climate action.

Canada is warming twice as fast compared to the global average.

And it’s having severe impacts on people’s health, the environment and the economy.

Extreme weather events are getting more frequent, intense and expensive.

This is most likely the coolest summer we will experience in our lifetime.

We need to take immediate action to stop pumping climate change-causing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and embrace the green economy.

But instead of taking steps to tackle climate change, the Premier is ramping up gas plants, scrapping renewable energy projects, supercharging sprawl, and muzzling every and any environmental authority that might get in his way.

I’m calling on the Premier to address the climate crisis like the emergency it is and:

  • Stop subsidizing fossil fuels and start investing in renewable energy
  • Implement programs to save energy and reduce pollution
  • Prioritize infill development to stop sprawl that paves over forests, green space and wetlands and increases pollution from transportation
  • Rapidly electrify Ontario’s transportation systems”
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