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  • Schreiner calls for non-partisan collaboration to improve vaccine certificate in letter to the Premier

TORONTO — This afternoon, MPP Mike Schreiner sent an open letter to the Premier calling for non-partisan collaboration to improve and expedite the vaccine certificate plan announced yesterday.

“This plan falls short of what’s needed to protect Ontarians, the health care system and small businesses,” Schreiner wrote.

“It’s confusing and sends mixed messages.”

The vaccine certificate is inconsistent across sectors and settings and leaves small businesses with many questions about enforcement, legal protection and training for staff.

In his letter, Schreiner urged the Premier to convene a meeting with opposition party leaders and diverse stakeholders to improve the vaccine certificate to be more comprehensive, clear and better communicated.

“At a time when people are tired, frustrated and angry, when health care workers are burned out and feeling attacked by those who oppose public health measures, working across partisan lines will help build broad social support for the province’s vaccine certificate system.”

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