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  • Schreiner calls for province-wide database on school safety statistics

“With schools expected to return on Monday, families and educators deserve to know key information about how safe their school is.

That’s why I’m calling on the Premier to implement a province-wide database on safe school statistics.

The database should be broken down by individual schools, be up-to-date and highlight key safety information, including:

  • Number of N95 masks available to students and educators
  • Statistics on air quality, including number of HEPA filters and quality of ventilation and airflow
  • Anonymous vaccination rates of educators and students (including number of doses)
  • Number of rapid and PCR test kits available
  • Case and outbreak numbers
  • Class sizes

While some regions are prepared and ready for a safe return next week, school-by-school information is not available to Ontarians.

Now, more than ever, clear communication and transparency is needed.

But instead, the Premier threw in the towel on COVID-19 reporting in schools. It’s wrong.

Silencing information will not make COVID-19 go away.

We all want kids to be back in school.

But parents are anxious because of the lack of clear information and the mixed messages the Premier’s government is sending.

Enough with putting the onus on school boards, educators and parents. It’s time for the Premier to step up.”

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