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  • Schreiner calls for transit funding tied to smarter, greener priorities

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner issued the following statement today about the Premier’s transit funding announcement:

“Today the Premier announced that sorely needed transit funding will be doled out to municipalities in two phases. It’s phase two that worries me.

I am worried that municipalities will receive further funding only if their needs align with the government’s priorities. And I am certain that investing in a smart, green comeback for our transit systems is not a priority of this government. 

For example, the Premier wants to spend upwards of $6 billion on a new 400-series highway that experts are suggesting will shave just 30 seconds of commute time. 

That’s backwards thinking and simply the wrong plan.

Funding should be tied to more electric buses and enhanced regional rail and bus lines to create less congested highways. 

With this pandemic crisis comes the opportunity to build back better and greener for a stronger, cleaner Ontario as we all get back to work.”

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