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  • Schreiner calls on Ford to drop carbon price lawsuit

QUEEN’S PARK —  Green Party of Ontario Leader and MPP for Guelph, Mike Schreiner, made the following statement in reaction to the federal carbon price backstop announcement:

“I am calling on the Premier to stop wasting taxpayer money on his anti-climate legal battle with the federal government.

We learned today that the average Ontarian will have more money in their pocket with carbon rebates. This blows a massive hole in the Premier’s spin.

It’s disappointing that the Premier has chosen to mislead the public about pollution pricing. But I am pleased that the federal government is adopting the Green Party’s fee and dividend policy for non-compliant provinces.

This plan puts a price on pollution and delivers money to working families. We can act on climate while helping people with modest incomes.

I’m disappointed that the Premier refuses to acknowledge that it is wrong to give big polluters a free ride, especially when returning revenue to people puts more money in their pockets.

People did not elect Mr. Ford to waste their money on a lawsuit against a plan that will save Ontarians money and fight climate change. How can the Premier say he is “for the people” when he is spending $30 million to oppose a climate plan that provides the average Ontario family with $307 in carbon rebates?

I am calling on the Premier to drop this pointless lawsuit. I’m calling on the Premier to join the fight against climate change. Will the Premier join me in opening Ontario for business in the fast growing clean economy?

We need solutions that are good for people, planet and the economy.

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