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  • Schreiner calls on Premier to tackle mental health crisis by investing in permanent supportive housing

“Ontario is facing a housing affordability crisis and a mental health crisis.

The two are linked. And both crises have worsened during the pandemic.

Estimates are that up to 50% of people who are unhoused live with a mental health condition.

Mental health professionals are clear that the lowest-cost way to improve people’s lives and mental well being is to provide them with safe, affordable housing.

Every $10 spent on preventive care like supportive housing saves over $21 on other government line items like healthcare and the justice system. It’s the right thing to do and it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do.

Like Dr. Boozary from the University Health Network says: doctors should be writing prescriptions for housing.

I’m calling on the Premier to address the mental health and housing crises and commit to building 60,000 permanent supportive housing units over the next decade.”

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