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  • Schreiner exposes government inaction on rental housing

QUEEN’S PARK — In Question Period today, Mike Schreiner, MPP for Guelph and leader of the Green Party of Ontario, demanded answers from the government on how it will help renters deal with a housing affordability crisis.

“The shortage of affordable rental housing is driving people out of their communities, forcing people into unstable housing situations; and increasing the number of people in houses and  sleeping in tents.”

“Yet this government is ignoring their situation,” challenged Schreiner.

The government side was at a loss for words, unable to explain anything they are doing to help students, young people, and seniors in places like the GTA, where rental rates have soared by 30% in just the last three years.

“The government failed to even mention rental housing in the Fall Economic Statement, instead levelling a $360 million cut to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing,” said Schreiner.

“These cuts will drive more people into poverty just to put a roof over their heads.”

0% of rental housing is affordable to someone on a minimum wage in cities from Hamilton and Ottawa to Kitchener and Guelph. And in the last 30 years, just 9% of units built in Ontario have been purpose built rentals.

Schreiner called on the government to stop pretending that renters don’t exist.

“I am calling on the government to stop neglecting renters and start making investments in affordable rental housing to provide relief to the growing number of Ontarians struggling to find an affordable place to call home,” said Schreiner.

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