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  • Schreiner: Ontario budget must include investments in climate, housing, mental health

QUEEN’S PARK– Mike Schreiner made the following statement ahead of budget day:

“The Premier’s budget tomorrow needs to include investments in addressing the climate emergency, the housing affordability crisis and the mental health crisis.

We’re in a climate emergency that’s making life more expensive and unhealthy, it’s getting harder and harder for Ontarians to find an affordable place to live, and the mental health crisis that’s been intensified by the pandemic is only getting worse by the day.

Now is not the time for half measures or election gimmicks.

We need to invest in a green and caring recovery that creates good green jobs in the new climate economy and ensures everyone has an affordable place to call home and access to the care they need.

It’s time to get serious on tackling the challenges facing Ontarians with real solutions to build the Ontario we all want.”

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