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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner, the MPP for Guelph, released the following statement after teachers began their work-to-rule campaign today:

“Teachers are taking this job action because the government refuses to reverse its drastic cuts.

Parents are already seeing first-hand the damage caused by education funding that does not keep up with inflation.

Classrooms are swelling, courses are being cancelled, and students with special needs are being left without the support they deserve.

Recent polling confirms that Ontarians are firmly on the side of teachers in standing up for investments in high-quality education.

The public sees through this government’s spin and is rejecting cuts that are being force-fed on a false premise of a deficit crisis.

I continue to respect teachers’ rights to exercise work-to-rule in order to advocate for the students and communities they serve.

For the government to secure a deal, it must completely back down on its plan to pull teachers out of the classroom and swell average class sizes to unhealthy levels.”

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