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TORONTO — Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner spoke today at the Ontario Health Coalition’s Long-Term Care Livestream Protest:

Addressing the hundreds of livestream protest participants remotely, Schreiner expressed his deepest condolences to grieving families.

He also emphasized the government’s failure to properly plan for, and respond to, the humanitarian crisis facing the province’s elders.

“This government wasted precious time to prepare LTC homes for the second wave,” Schreiner stated, “And every day that passes now is another day wasted, more lives lost and more residents infected with COVID-19.”

“The Premier’s promised iron ring around LTC homes has failed to materialize.”

Tragically, while thousands of Ontario’s elders continue to die, the Premier insists on sitting on billions in Covid funds.

Schreiner ended his remarks with specific demands to Premier Ford:

“I’m calling on the Premier to call in the military and the red cross to the LTC homes experiencing outbreaks.

And to put money behind his promise for 4 hours of care. Long term care residents cannot wait 4 years for 4 hours of care.

I’m also calling on the Premier to pay PSWs a living wage.

The Government is out of excuses. If they delay further, they do so with the full knowledge that more elders will die alone.”

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