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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on the singing of God Save the Queen being introduced in the legislature:

“I voiced my opposition to this particular change to the Standing Orders when the Government first brought it up, and I continue to be against it today. 

At a time when we should be looking forward to pursue reconciliation, we should not be taking a step back towards Canada’s colonial history.

When I voiced opposition to God Save the Queen being introduced, I was told this change was non-negotiable.

I don’t recall the Official Opposition raising similar objections at the time these discussions took place.

This change was part of a package of procedural changes the House introduced in the fall, which, on balance, are positive for our democracy, including fairer, more inclusive debates and special accommodations for MPPs with disabilities.

During these deliberations, I advocated for a number of amendments to fix areas I disagreed with, some of which I was successful at changing.
The Official Opposition chose not to be a part of the process.”
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