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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement about the province increasing the number of people Ontarians can interact with:

“This is a huge relief for everyone in Ontario who has spent three months separated from loved ones. It’s a big boost to our collective mental health.

I am heartwarmed thinking of the reunions between grandparents and grandchildren, siblings and best friends.

This is the reward for everyone’s hard work at following physical distancing and listening to the advice of health experts to flatten the curve.

But COVID-19 is still in our community and we have a shared responsibility to continue acting with caution.

We need everyone to abide by the 10-person social circle rule and to continue following physical distancing in their daily lives.

And most importantly we need the province to maintain its improved testing numbers and invest more in contact tracing to ensure we stay ahead of the virus.”

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